we launched 700 pizza stores


Our monthly trading update provides an overview of our chain’s performance over the past month. Here we highlight actual system sales, the chain growth pipeline, store count, like-for-likes, and startup results.

net new stores
862 stores in total
billion rubles system sales
year-over-year growth
in Russia, Kazakhstan,
and Belarus
in other markets
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Quarterly results: 2022/Q2

In 2020, we started to issue quarterly consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS. This kind of reporting helps us track results promptly within a single framework. We don’t audit reports for interim dates.

net new stores
831 stores by end of Q2
billion rubles system sales
+54.6% growth
million rubles adjusted EBITDA
19.1% margin
million rubles free cash flow
n.a. growth
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Annual results:

Our first consolidated IFRS statements got off the ground in 2019 for the year 2018. Since then, we’ve been drawing up annual financial statements audited by Ernst & Young. Find all the reports below.

net new stores
771 stores by end of 2021
billion rubles system sales
+56.2% growth
million rubles adjusted EBITDA
9.3% margin
million rubles free cash flow
growth n.a.
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Companies usually try not to announce their IPO plans until the last possible moment, because this process involves a lot of risk. That’s why IPO preparations are traditionally conducted somewhat secretively. However, being secretive is far from the Dodo spirit. That’s precisely why we talk about our plans openly. We publicly set extremely ambitious business goals for ourselves. By 2024, we expect our main region of interest, Eurasia, to almost triple its sales. International markets will move on to the scaling phase and generate more than 10% of the company’s revenue. Two new concepts, Drinkit and Doner 42, will also have to begin scaling and each surpass the one hundred shops mark. We believe that by 2024 our company will become a worthy candidate for the capital markets. Both in Russia and overseas, in pizza, and in other concepts.

A Russian IPO traditionally has three options: the stock exchange in Moscow, London, or New York. Technically, the stock exchanges aren’t mutually exclusive. There is a high probability that the Moscow stock exchange will be one of the platforms that we’ll trade on. Right now, it is one of the most dynamically developing platforms in the world. Besides, we’re a Russian company, and we’re well known among Russian investors. Therefore, it seems obvious for us to choose the Moscow stock exchange as one of our platforms.
Will there be any other international platform? It’s a little too early to say. It’ll depend on the size of the issuance. The latest Russian companies to make an IPO, Ozon and Fix Price, are companies with enormous capitalization, around $10 billion, give or take. Even if everything goes perfectly, by 2024 we’re still going to be much smaller compared to these giants. That’s why we have to plan our stock issue correctly, so that the stocks are saleable enough on the platforms we go to, and, therefore, a fair assessment of our company can be made.

We’re not planning to pay dividends in the foreseeable future. We consider it more prudent to reinvest funds into business growth. It’s more profitable for our shareholders than quick dividends would be.
Perhaps at some point, we’ll be able to grow as well as pay dividends — we are going to see and act in accordance with shareholders’ best interests. For the past 3 years, we’ve offered audited financial reports and will continue to do so.


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