We build
and leverage next-
level franchising
to scale
them globally

Key data

850 units
in 16 countries
+9 units in September
system sales last year
+53% Year-over-Year
system sales last week
+65% Year-over-Year
Spacious pizza store in Kaunas, Lithuania

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Dodo has developed into one of the industry’s first truly digital-first concepts...
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Dodo is incredibly open… The company publishes much of the financial data it collects online

Our data

Top-performing units
Dodo is committed to the principle of radical transparency. While many other franchises keep their units’ sales secret, we publish them openly. This website receives data straight from our internal system through APIs.

Founder’s channel

Fyodor Ovchinnikov
Fyodor Ovchinnikov
Founder, CEO
I like “difficult” people
Some thoughts on startup development, company culture, and leadership
Being an entrepreneur, I went through highs and lows, deadlocks and personal transformations — and took notes along the way.

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